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Our Products

Our stocked brands include: Crompton, Kosnic, KSR Lighting, Aurora, Tungsram, Sylvania, GE, Tridonic and Philips. We support standard and specialist lighting requirements, provide highly competitive pricing and have technical experts ready to help you.

We stock Lighting Products From These Brands

Our Fluorescent Tubes

We stock a vast selections of Fluorescent tubes. Our stocked brands include Sylvania, Philips & GE. Tell us the size, colour filter and wattage. We’ll find the right product to suit your requirements.

Fluorescent Tubes, available from stock include:

  • Fluorescent Tubes – T12, 38mm diameter
  • Fluorescent Tubes – T5, 16mm diameter
  • Fluorescent Tubes – T8, 26mm diameter
  • LED Fluorescent Tubes – T8
  • Fluorescent Spectrum Tubes

Attractive Filament Lamps

Our filament lamps are a popular choice for homes, workspaces, cafe’s, retail outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants. SELS’s extensive range offers filament bulbs that help cut your electricity usage and how often you change them.

Our Filament Lamp range, available from stock:

  • Squirrel Cage Lamps
  • Decorative GLS Lamps
  • Extra Large Vintage LED Lamps
  • Decorative Tubular Lamps
  • Mini Decorative Bulbs
  • Vintage LED Globes
  • Vintage & Regular LED Lamps
  • Candle Bulbs


LED lamps that are compatible with all light fittings. Replace your existing lamps with new LED ones and benefit from energy saving gaining and longer life duration. We stock multiple colours & temperatures settings.

Our LED range of lamps includes:

  • GU10 – LED
  • 12v MR11 & MR16 LED Lamps
  • LED Filament LAMPS
  • Globe Style LED Bulbs
  • Candle Style LED Bulbs
  • Architectural Style LED Bulbs
  • R80 – LED Reflector
  • Strip Lights

Fluorescent Compact Lamps

Compact fluorescents only use up to a fifth of a standard lamp, typically lasting up to 15 times longer. Designed for commercial and domestic applications and available in internal/external categories.

We stock:

  • Triple Turn (PLT) Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Double Turn (PLS) Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Single Turn (PLC) Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Long 4 pin (PLL) Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • FML Compact Fluorescent FML Lamps
  • 2D Compact Fluorescent Tubes

Halogen Lamps

We stock halogen spotlights and linear halogen lamps, all available with low voltage capacity requirements. Whilst not as energy efficient as LED and CFL lamps, they still have a lower energy consumption than a conventional incandescent lamp.

Our stocked Halogen Lamps range includes:

  • Energy Efficient Halogen Lamps
  • Halogen Spotlights Lamps
  • Halogen Capsules Lamps

Discharge HID Lamps

Our HID Discharge Lamps are ideal for areas that require downlighting and floodlights. Perfect for small to medium sized events, carparks, sports centres and retail applications.

Our stocked HID Discharge Lamp range includes:

  • Metal Halide Lamps – 1000W-2000W
  • Metal Halide Lamps – 250W-400W
  • Metal Halide Lamps – 20W-150W
  • Aquatics Metal Halide Lamps
  • Mercury Lamps
  • Metal Halide Lamps for Fibre Optics
  • Low Pressure Sodium Lamp
  • High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Energy Saver Fluorescent Lamps

We have a vast range and specialist advisors who can help you with your requirements.

Our stocked Fluorescent Energy Saving Lighting range includes:

  • Stick Lamps
  • Spiral Lamps
  • Household Lamps
  • Strip Lights
  • Candle Bulbs
  • Spotlights
  • Energy Saving Daylight Bulbs

Energy Saver – Halogen Lamps

As well as stocking Fluorescent Energy Saving lamps, we also stock a wide range of Energy Saving Halogen bulbs, that can be connected into existing light fittings, saving a typical household up to 30% on their electricity bill.

Our stocked Halogen Energy Saving Lighting range includes:

  • Standard Energy Saving Household Lamps
  • Candle Lamps
  • Golfball Lamps
  • GU10 Halogen Lamps
  • Linear Halogen Tubes
  • Reflector Spotlights
  • 12v MR16 Halogen Spotlights
  • Capsule Bulbs

Infrared Lights

Our Infrared Lamps are available from stock and suitable for a multitude of applications, such as domestic and commercial heating, external heating and catering and industrial environments. Talk to one of our technical lighting specialists and we’ll find the right product for your requirements.

Our stocked Infrared Lamps range includes:

  • Garden Heater Infrared Lamps
  • HeLen Infrared Lamps

UV Lamps

We supply Ultraviolet Lamps to a number of different industries that use them for multiple applications. Commonly used to kills flies in catering environments, UV Lamps are also available for pond filters, indoor farming and backlight applications.

Our stocked Ultraviolet Lamp range includes:

  • TUV Germicidal Lamps (Pond Filter Lamps)
  • Fly Killer Ultraviolet Tubes
  • Ultraviolet Black Light Blue Lamps

Photography, Studio and Projector Lighting

When it comes to producing professional photography, quality professional lighting is essential, our vast range supports urgent and ongoing photography and studio lighting requirements. We also supply a comprehensive range of project lamps, all available from stock.

Our stocked Photography, Projector & Studio Lighting  range includes:

  • ANSI Coded Projector Lamps
  • Studio and CP Class Stage Lamps
  • M Class Projector Lamps
  • Safelight Darkroom Lamps
  • A1 Class P Projector Lamps

Light Fittings

We also stock a wide range of electrical Light Fittings and associated lighting consumables and tools. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Control Gear

We stock electronic ballast control gears for Fluorescent Tubes, as well as Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. Our vast range of stock allows us to cater for a wide range of requirements.

Our stocked Halogen Lighting Control Product range is for:

  • Compact Lamps & Fluorescent Tubes – 18w
  • Compact Lamps & Fluorescent Tubes – 36w
  • Compact Lamps & Fluorescent Tubes – 58w
  • Compact Lamps Fluorescent Tubes – 72w


SMART Lighting System

We are distributor of the AONE Smart Lighting System and stock the full range of their SMART electrical and lighting devices.

For more information and technical advice please contact our lighting experts today.

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