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SELS Now Stock LED PLC Lamps

Our LED PLC lamps offer an environmentally friendly retrofit alternative to popular compact fluorescent tubes.

They are suitable for a number of applications; most notably being popular in homes, offices, public reception areas and staircases.  

LED PLC lamps deliver energy savings benefits of up to 60% of traditional PLC lamps. They do not require any installation maintenance, as they plug and play into existing PL-C fittings.


From a lifecycle perspective LED PLC lamps are expected to typically last three times longer than conventional PL-C lamps.

It’s estimated that there are over 150 million original PL-C lamps operating in residential and commercial applications throughout Europe. That equates to the combined population of Britain, France, Belgium and Portugal.

These huge numbers present a great opportunity for positive environmental change and cost savings.

The benefit of lower maintenance costs and energy saving benefits mean the average payback time on swapping over to LED PLC’s is less than two years.

LED PLC lamps are available in 2 and 4 pin caps. In addition, their ability to be retro fitted into existing PL-C fittings means they are compatible with conventional or electronic ballasts.

Furthermore, unlike the traditional PL-C lamp, the new LED PLC lamp does not take any length of time to reach its full illumination potential. Nor do they flicker, or contain UV or infrared components, meaning they will not discolour or fade materials and textiles.

At SELS we always proactively strive to supply lighting products that utilise the latest technologies.

Our aim is to provide customers with extended product life-cycles that reduce operating costs and provide environmental benefits.  We currently stock the Compton range of range of LED PLC lamps, available in 8 watt and 12 watt. However, should you require alternative brands we are able to supply versions from Phillips, GE and Sylvania; all at highly competitive prices.

For more information about LED PLC lamps, or any other lighting product, please contact our Product Specialists today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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